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    JUUUUST got my 800w in about 20 minutes ago and I am trying to change the last 4 digits on my phone (this is for a business and the last 4 digits spell out my companies name).

    I was originally talking with a guy that put me on hold to talk with someone about it and was disconnected...I called back and asked a second person and she said no way, no how can I do this.

    So, just wondering if this is accurate or if I have to try a different approach.

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    They can do it, if they will is another question. Of course that number would have to be available to port.

    If you have no luck with them, try adding a distinct ring number on your home line- working with your land line telephone company will improve your chances. Once you get the number, port it to Sprint.
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    Long time ago, phone companies used to buy HUGE block of numbers. People can normally request for a particular number, if it's available. For example, my home and cell number are the same last 4 digits. I used to have a pager with the same last 4 digits as well. Now, companies buy smaller blocks, due to costs and availability and there are way too many people that have multitude of numbers. Now they tell you the available numbers and you just say "Yes" or "No" to it.
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    years ago sprint made my phone the same last 4 digits of my office line.

    another time they have me 5 phones in numerical order.

    used to be when you activated they would have a list of availible numbers in an exchange and the guy could pick and choose.

    So in the PAST it sure was possible.

    No idea if that's still the case.
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    They "say" that in the past 2 years or so that the number system is automatically generated and they no longer support requests for specific numbers...which is why I'm wondering if anyone recently has done this. When my wife and I got our VZW phones about 4 years ago, we got to pick our this seemed like a step back to me.
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    Why didn't you just port over your number? This way, you still keep the same number from Verizon.
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    i added a line of service to my 12 year old sprint account to get the rebates. they said it is ok for me to drop one of the old lines after the rebate comes through and switch the phone back to my old number.

    not really on topic, but not really off...
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    I asked Sprint to switch the phone numbers between two of my three accounts but they refused.
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    My verizon phone was given up 2 years ago when I started my new job...I now don't work at that company anymore and gave back the company phone (so couldn't port either one of my numbers since they weren't "mine")
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    Phone companies are no longer able to select a number from a pool. What others have written are correct; Random numbers are generated and you have the choice of either accepting it or denying it, no more picking from a list. It's going to be real hard for you to find a matching number.
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    Well, I managed to get last 5 zeroes in my number.. Now, don't ask how.. Took us a week of intense programming, 8 people involved and some good connections including 2 store managers and a Director of Sprint..
    But, its doable..!!

    Good luck.

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