OK, a few things regarding this I hope someone can answer:

1. When I play .avi's I get this error:
"video codec (microsoft mpeg-4 version 2) not supported by the player"

2. how can I make TCPMP play .wmv videos?

3. What is "FlashBundle" for anyway? I don't have that installed and I can play .flv files no problem. Is it for .swf files or am I missing something?

4. I have no problems playing .mpg files but when I tried to play any .mpEg files, I kept getting "Windows Media Audio" not supported.

5. When I try to play .asf it tells me "Windows Media Video 8" not supported.

6. Not all .mov videos play. Some do, others give various errors.

I know it's a lenghty list but I'm just wondering if there's a way to fix any of these, possibly updated codecs.


Is there something like VLC for WM6.1?