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    Buddy of mine has a Treo 700p (Palm OS) that was replaced under Sprint's insurance plan. He received a 755p as a replacement. Wow!

    I had an accident with my 700wx and was hoping that I my replacement would be an 800w but, unfortunately I received a brand new 700wx.

    Why would my friend get the newer model but I wouldn't?

    Did they run out of 700p models but not 700wx? What a bummer. Thought I was going to be enjoying the newer model but nooooooooooooo.....
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    Remember your friend was using a Palm OS device and you were using a WM device. As long as there's WX's left in stock, that's what you're goung to get if you've had an eqivalent WM device
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    I'm quite suprised he got a 755p, they had 700p's relatively recently. He may have just gotten lucky.

    Have an "accident" in about 6 months, and you *MIGHT* get an 800w.

    (Oh, and Sprint is well aware of this "loophole" to getting a new phone. That's why they have a giant warehouse stocked with refurbished phones so they don't have to give you a new one.)
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    i broke my 700w and they replaced it with the 700wx, got verizon to foot the insurance bill as i threatend to leave them for sprint, who was releasing the 800w. i told them i would not agree to pay for a phone that was going to be a bridge till they released the 800w, and if i had to either pay or use my new every 2 I would just leave

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