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    I'm interested in being able to hook up an iPod Touch with my 800w (out of the box Asian language input, higher resolution, not having to worry about battery when listening to music, etc). So far I know of two programs that allow one to use a WM phone has a mobile wifi router, PDANet and WMWiFiRouter. My understanding is that WMWiFiRouter doesn't work with the 800w and that PDANet requires a program to be installed on the connecting device, which is only available for desktops. Is this correct? If not, what are my alternatives?
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    WMWiFiRouter doesn't work on the 800w right now but they're working on a patch so I'd imagine it will work very soon (if not already).

    I don't know anything about PDANet but I could have sworn it had the same abilities that WMWiFiRouter had and then some so you could make it into a WiFi access point which would require no additional software on the client machines.
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    So I've discovered a few things about PDANet that may or may not be of interest to others.

    First, I could not get PDANet to work over wi-fi without starting the desktop software either. So it probably won't be able to tether to an iPod Touch that way.

    Second: even with the Treo plugged into the wall, the power drain was enough to kill the battery after a few hours. That is: the charger was supplying much less power than the Treo was consuming. I shouldn't be surprised but I am a little disappointed.

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