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    sorry if this is a dumb WM question. so on my 700p, everytime i sync'd, it backed up my entire phone - settings, speed dialing, programs, etc.

    should i assume that the 800w doesn't do this automatically and that this is what sprite is for?

    also, when i install .cab files most of them go in my documents on my phone. after the program is installed, is there any reason to keep these or can i delete?

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    The 800w does not backup the settings, etc., when you perform an Activesync. Sprite backup will backup everything.

    You can delete the .cab file, once the program is installed, but it's usually best to store it, like your MicroSD card. This way, if you have to re-install the app for some reason, you can do it immediately.
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    would it be redundant to backup my phone using sprite to my microsd card and leave the .cab files in my documents?
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    Yes it would. You are also wasting time/storage space backing up the .cab files. This is why you should just store them on the MicroSD card or even your PC.

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