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    Did you enable it? (First option in the menu)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ebag333 View Post
    Did you enable it? (First option in the menu)
    D'OH!!! Yeah, now I'm getting data
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    Quote Originally Posted by aero View Post
    first of all this is not true. There are still many references to "standalone" for the 800w with absolutely no asterix, disclaimer or notation, on the palm official site, with palm -- not sprint -- advertising material and spec sheets.

    They are obviously and objectively obligated.

    Lastly disclaimers were added to "autonomous" only recently.

    If you bought this handset with WiFi and found out after testing and traveling outside the US, that the WiFi would not work without first contacting a Sprint tower -- you would be more than disappointed, you would be demanding they fix an advertised feature. The situation with GPS is no different
    . I suspect this was turned off to push sprint's own pay by the month service.
    You're running behind there, buddy...

    Quote Originally Posted by gksmithlcw View Post
    I stand corrected and apologize. I missed that in the spec screen.

    I'm glad you're right because I want standalone GPS. ;-)

    So how to proceed, then?
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