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    I'm posting this question for a friend of mine, so it's not my phone and I'll have to check back with her if anybody wants further details. She has a laptop and apparently the treo is supposed to act as her modem for internet but it won't do it. She thinks she has the wrong drivers but I couldn't tell her so if anybody's ever had to find a solution for this please respond. Danke.
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    Act as a modem? No. Use the cellular data connection to provide Internet access for the laptop? Yes. Best done with WM6 installed on the 750. Connect the 750 to the laptop by the USB cable, let ActiveSync start. On the 750, go to Programs > Internet Sharing. Leave PC Connection as USB. Network Connection should probably be the name of your data connection (mine is AT&T), but some people find that ICS works instead. Press Connect.

    Your friend will want to make sure she has an unlimited data plan that allows tethering.

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