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    I've found that a program called Freecorder works well with Vista. It's basically just a toolbar in your browser that you can record with.

    Of course, I try to just download the file that I want, so I can just use Audacity to cut and process it.
    I'll give this a try. Whenever I try to record something internally through the sound card with audacity (or any other program that i have tried) I get a horrible hiss/static that drowns everything out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mundo View Post
    An easier way is to use the website
    One-page tool, no need to install any software, no need to register, no need to mess with all those settings in sound editors.
    Call me a nerd, but I prefer messing with the sound editor settings.
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    To help out a little, if you are looking for the .dll for audacity, here is a link to a few places you can download it:
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