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    This happened with my HTC touch. And it's happening now. It's driving me insane. I dont know what I have installed that would even begin to make it act like this.

    I have selected my Kim Possible beep tone as my SMS text tone. (Yes, childish. But my daughter likes it and everybody laughs and enjoys it when they hear it) Anyway. At ramdom inrtervals, once every couple of hours sometimes more, my phone wil go off with that "deet deet de dot" and sure as heck, there's noone there! It's very agrivating at 4am when I'm asleep.

    Deleting the sound and assigning another one to the SMS just brings an all new wake up for nothing noise at 3am. WTF?

    Any ideas or anyone else seen this sillyness?
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    I don't know if this is related or not, because it does not have to do with sms, but i put an mp3 in the sound file, assigned to a contact, everything was fine. 1/2 hour later i used the usb cable to sync to my computer, all of the sudden ringtone plays for no reason. the instant i unhook cable it stops! Tried it three times and it did it each time, did soft reset and it stopped.
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    This does it on sync and off sync, just sirring there on charge or off charge. It happened three times last night. Soft resets do not seem to work to kill it.

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    OK. I figured it out. It was PhotoContacts Pro that was giving me the issue. Once disabled the SMS ringtones from being managed by PhotoContacts, I have had no more problems.

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