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    Another post from me. Again I tried searching with no luck as most of the discussions relate to using GPSGate and finding Sats...I have no issue with that besides the known ones...

    What I do have issue with is the fact that when the GPSGate proggie starts up, it screws my today screen by placing the 'running programs' bar at the bottom of the screen. No program icon actually shows in the bar, it just uses up real estate and since I use all of it already, it places the scroll bar which i cant stand!

    Anyone know how to run GPSGate in the background without it creating the running programs bar?
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    There is not easy way to do this that I have found. I have looked in a variety of forums around the PPC community. I simply start GPSgate before my GPS app and (kinda) close it after. See this post and thread for more info:

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