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    Hi all, I have been with AT&T before it was Cingular. I had Sprint for Data ONLY by way of an EVDO AirCard for 7 months last year and I was blown away by how well Sprint's data network was deployed.

    I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for the Treo 850.

    I'm in Los Angeles, and I was wondering if I should get the 800w instead.

    How about battery life? I have the Treo 750, and I'm sick of looking at the 240x240 screen, as well as the battery draining in half a day with HSDPA (3G).

    How much is the unlimited data plan for the Treo 800w? Anything else I should know before taking the plunge??
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    Battery life is really how the device is used. In addition, because we want smaller/thinner devices, we have to have batteries that are smaller. When working I am getting about 4 hours before a charge is required; this with about 15 SMS messages, 10 or so calls, heavy usage of HanDBase and Excel.
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    Device thickness and battery capacity do not go hand in hand. The Mogul is the same thickness with the same features and takes an 1800mAh battery compared to the 1150mAh battery in the 800w.

    The upcoming Diamond is much thinner than the 800w, has the same features and also has a larger battery.

    Palm just got cheap and decided to use the same battery as the Centro. They saved money and we lost battery life.

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