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    Just got mine today

    So here are some quickies, ill go thru a more in-depth review later tonight.

    - Screen is GORGEOUS 320x320 is def. an upgrade on WM
    -GPS is a very cool and handy feature
    -The blue color is a very dark grayish blue color... doesnt look black at all
    -the phone is def. SMALLER than the 755P
    -Wifi isnt as fast as i thought it would be, but 3G is working great
    -pocket IE is OK better than before but hoping for opera 9.5 to come out
    -I have skyfire, so im going to install that tonight
    -The Voice Quality SUCKS compared to the 755P. ok not being to dramatic, its really not that bad, but it sounds Very tiny. Cannot put the speaker phone on the highest setting otherwise you get a lot of static and distortion
    -The phone is quick going through the apps and scrolling through PIE
    -The keyboard is very nice, BUT i would like a better feel for pressing a button. It doesnt feel like i pressed the button so to speak. U dont get that good "click" feel.
    -I wished the soft keys lit up
    -It charges SUPER fast
    -Its very lite
    -the Stylus SUX.. and im not even being dramatic about this one. Its flimsy, doesnt work well on the screen, its just a huge letdown. I dont really care tho, i hardly use mine anyway.

    More to come when i get home. I get to pair it to my car navigation right now, so ill let you know how that goes.

    Ask me any questions if u guys need
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    Opera 9.5 beta is available now. It does a great job of displaying web pages but it is very slow. Hoping that the final release is zippier.

    Also looking forward to a 3rd party Stylus that does not bend when using it.

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