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    Is anyone having issues using Spb Mobile Shell 2 on their Treo 800w? When I lod it on to my phone, I am unable to use the Windows button on the keypad and when I go to programs and try to start it, nothing happens and it won't open. Any ideas?

    What other good apps are there for this?
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    everything is working good except the sms icon
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    I can't run the program. I can't do anything with it.
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    It loads fine and as far as I know, everything seems to be functioning.
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    use mobile shell 2.1
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    Use mobile shell 2.1.1 it just came out fixed the battery and the color theme but not sms
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    on SPB support form
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    Mine works fine except for the battery meter and sms. I see there is a fix, got to get that. SPB 2.1 is what I'm using.
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    after having it with the realvga and diamond theme i installed the beta and now spb shell is not working
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    Just confirmed SPB shell does not work with realvga on 96dpi

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