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    Just got my Treo 800w yesterday - LOVE it!

    Only problem I'm having, so far, is that I have my own domain, I'm not using a Microsoft Exchange Server, it's POP3 account.

    When I did the set up I selected "custom domain" as instructed. Email works great. However, it created the email account under it's how heading and not under the "Outlook Mail" tree.

    So, when I go to sych, it doesn't synch with Outlook. I'm assuming because the email accounts needs to be under the "Outlook Mail".

    How can I get my own domain's email under Outlook Mail so I can synch? Is there a work around? Anyone else having this problem?

    Or, did I totally blow the set up to begin with?

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    That Outlook folder is for Exchange. When you create a new POP its a separate folder. Set the email to check every hour or so. Anything sooner will kill the battery.

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