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    I thought there was already a post like this but couldnt find it. Anyway so I'm going back to a Treo coming from a Mogul. I've gotten used to the big screen. Basically Identical features besides the lack of RAM on the Mogul. How are you guys liking the 800 compared to the Mogul? Sure gonna miss the screen and the flashlight feature but looking forward to going back to one handed use.
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    I'm a current Mogul owner but I'm hoping to switch over to 800w sometime in the next few days. The big factor for me is 800w's allegedly properly accelerated video drivers compared to the hilariously awful joke that we get on the Titan/Mogul and Vogue/Touch. I'm looking forward to smooth-playing SlingPlayer (even though it won't fill the whole screen on 800w) and smooth-operating Opera Mobile.

    Obviously the RAM is huge, one-handed operation will be nice, and no more dealing with rotating screens. Application headaches with 320x320 aren't going to be fun, but the extra pixels in web browsing will be appreciated.
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    I am still running my Mogul alongside of the 800w, but as a long time POS Treo user I am loving WM more on the 800w for the familular form factor.

    And now that I've neutered all the services in favor of having decent battery life I am less annoyed about the other little quirks.
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    I also still own my Mogul. (Sold my 700Wx to help pay for the 800w.)
    I'm sitting here looking at my Mogul on my desk, and I have no desire to do an ESN swap and play with it, even with the new WM6.1 ROM upgrade.

    I miss the larger screen and the fact that all my apps fit/work nicely on the 240x320 screen, but aside from that, the one-handed ease of the Treo is too important for me.
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    -Cramped qwerty.
    -Recessed screen, not finger friendly at all. The resolution has also been frustrating due to lack of software support.(EDIT: Changing screen to 90dpi has made this MUCH better IMO!)
    -Poor battery life.
    -Crappy "pre-cooked noodle" of a stylus, (minor quibble, ordering replacement).

    +The increase in speed is amazing, thank god for more ram and video driver support. This was my biggest complaint with my mogul.
    +Love the one-handed nature of the device.

    Overall I do like my 800w. By no means is it a perfect device; it's flaws are many, but overall usability is slightly better than that of the mogul's.
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    I had the mogul for two weeks before I switched it to the Treo, and I couldn't be happier. The lack of ram in the mogul killed it for me, I hate laggy things, the treo is just so much quicker, even the 700 was so much faster than the mogul. I also appreciate the 1 handed useage. I can almost type as fast as I could with the mogul with two hand on the treo. The only bad thing about it is the battery, but truthfully its not that bad - I used it for 12 hours yesterday with heavy instant messaging. It also lacks a 3.5mm headset jack but so does the mogul.
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    I am really glad I got rid of that brick. Was going to hang onto it but sold it on Ebay this morning. The Treo is just much nicer to carry around and use. Once you get everything set up to your liking it just all around kills the Mogul IMO.
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    I'm extremely happy I switched from the mogul to the 800w. I was lucky enough to still be within the 30 day return period of the mogul so I only paid $50 more to get the 800w. The increased memory/speed of the device was well worth it. I just want to shove it in the face of every other windows mobile phone user , but I restrain myself.
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    Keeping the Mogul until the Touch Pro is released. The 800w is just too buggy with awful battery life. The video drivers are still incredibly slow (about 6x slower than the Touch Pro will be) and video just looks bad on the dim 800w LCD.
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    kaptainchump did you buy the phone with a new plan? because the mogul cost 299 and the treo is 249 if you are starting a brand new 2 year contract, I got a 50 dollar credit for exchanging my mogul for a treo.
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    Pay no attention to nsxprime. He's been spewing FUD about the Treo since it came out. I don't know what his damage is, but I've rarely seen a more obvious troll. I can say my personal experience matches up pretty closely to the opposite of everything he's said thus far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Kirvin View Post
    Pay no attention to nsxprime. He's been spewing FUD about the Treo since it came out. I don't know what his damage is, but I've rarely seen a more obvious troll. I can say my personal experience matches up pretty closely to the opposite of everything he's said thus far.
    Yeah, you don't know slow and buggy until you've had a mogul. The 800w on the other hand is stable, fast, and just a rock solid phone.
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    I originally bought the mogul outright (ouch I know) so the treo's no-contract price was $50 more

    I figured, if I'm going to spend this much to have an awesome pda phone, then I better spend the extra $50 to get something with enough memory to at least run opera mobile.

    The treo 800w is phenomenal and the battery life doesnt change my opinion of the phone. My view is that if palm wants everyone to have a clunky gigantic 700wx again, then they would've put the big battery in. Palm is (hopefully) going to give people the option of a larger and more bulky battery by offering larger capacity batteries. If they don't, palm knows that 3rd party hardware devs will be quick to make extended batteries.

    Me? I like my phone being light
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    It has taken me a long time to get used to and like my Mogul. With all your input, I'm a bit more comfortable now about leaving it.
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    Sprint released Mogul ROM with 6.1 in the las few days - does it improve things there ?
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    I switched from 6.1 mogul to the treo. I like it [the treo] much better, because I like having the keyboard and direction keys easy to access, and the higher resolution screen looks better. Plus the keyboard is just another thing to break, and I almost felt that the Mogul's was too big; my thumbs had to stretch too far. I like the treo's keyboard.
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    No thanks. Along with the GPS bugs, BT bugs, and touchscreen problems, there are going to be a LOT of 800w's on Ebay when the Touch Pro is released.
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    And lots of Touch Pros will be eBayed when the next WM device comes out (especially with the Touch Pros poor battery and other bugs).

    What's your point in posting here besides point out the obvious trends in WM devices?
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    Quote Originally Posted by aznmode View Post
    How are you guys liking the 800 compared to the Mogul? Sure gonna miss the screen and the flashlight feature but looking forward to going back to one handed use.
    So like most things in life a bunch of pros and cons:
    * No TAB on the keyboard (who thought I would miss the tab key?!?!?!)
    * Keys are smaller and take getting used to
    * GPS doesn't work as well (still debates on whether the GPS is standalone or aGPS, but I could use my Mogul's GPS in Europe where there aren't many CDMA signals)
    * Screen is slightly less bright
    * Battery capacity isn't wonderful (but I had similar issues with the Mogul until I bought the Seido extended battery that was the same size as the battery shipped with the device)
    * 320x320 screen compatibilities issues
    * Wifi button is not as friendly as a switch
    * MicroUSB makes all the old accessories useless
    * The treo threaded SMS application isn't as "integrated" as the WinMo 6.1 threaded SMS app (and this used to be a HUGE pro on the Treo side of things)
    * Softkey on dialer doesn't allow for one-handed paste of a phone number (shame on you Palm!), but you can paste by getting to the "context menu" -- holding down the stylus on the screen until the circle of dots brings up a menu

    * One handed use
    * Don't have to wait between .5 and 2 seconds for then screen to change orientation when you want to type (I loved how each new official -- and unofficial ROM reduced this time, but any time is a waste really)
    * Don't have to worry about program memory much (if at all)
    * Mute switch is physical
    * MicroUSB seems the way of the future - my new plantronics voyager 855 stereo BT headset uses MicroUSB to charge
    * Palm makes the best WinMo dialer IMO (I love being able to type the first couple of characters of someones name on the home screen to look up the contact or dial the number -- I have a 2,000 name contact list and it is near instant)
    * Alt key is easier to use for symbols than the symbol key on the Mogul
    * The "menu" soft button on the today screen quickly gets you to the wireless manager, contacts, the dial pad, today screen preferences etc -- very nice
    * Voice command included for free (that's a really nice thing to have for free)
    * The WiFi prefs in the system controls area shows you nice information about the WiFi connection beyond standard WinMo 6.1
    * 320x320 makes the smallest font in WinMo readable (it was unreadable at 240x320 on the Mogul)
    * Speaker phone and ear piece are louder (maybe a bit more distorted and your mileage will probably vary)

    If you are/were a Treo fan or hate the "slide" required of the keyboard -- meaning you might be a Q fan or iPaq fan and really want a front facing keyboard, you will focus on the pros and love the device.

    If you aren't prepared to be an early adopter, don't get this phone yet. You will focus on the cons. But I would have said the same thing about the Mogul until the 2nd office ROM update came out (9 months after release?).
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    Re: "TAB" on a treo keyboard, try Shift-Space.
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