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    It's my first week with a Treo, and my first week with a WM phone... so please forgive me if these are basic/obvious questions.

    Is there a registry edit to remove the line that shows the "Location Privacy / Internet Sharing / Bluetooth" Icons (just beneath the carrier info) on the Today screen?

    If possible I'd really like to remove this line I don't need in exchange for some vertical space on the Today screen.

    Is there a registry edit to reorder the sequence of the Carrier (Roaming/Connection/Data/Signal/Battery/Clock) icons?

    I found the Magic Buttons task manager and would love to choose which icons it covers up.

    Turning off the clock clock display (HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Shell\TBOpt=0) helps, but I'm still covering up the essential (to me) roaming icon.

    And turning off the battery dispaly (HKLM/Software/Plam/BootApp/LaunchBatteryIndicator=0) just leaves an blank space where it was... no help at all.

    Many thanks. - Cedar
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    We used to have hidelogo on the 700wx but it's not working for the 800 and it's not beneathe the carrier is on the same line.

    for reorder the icons I use wisbar

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