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    Is there a way to change the today screen font color from default white? I have an image as my today background, but it's hard to read the today screen since the font is in white. Thanks for the help.
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    look in this thread for UI does that

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    Warning: In using Tweaker do not use the taskbar option under the TDY Scheme Changer option; it puts lines on your screen.
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    Thanks Malatesta and prubin for the replies! I'll try out that program.
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    I saw your comment about the "lines on your screen" in another thread. These are controllable via UI Tweaker's TdyScheme Changer > Standard Colors > List Color Left/Right and 1/2... The left/right colors selected set the gradient across the screen and the 1/2 colors are alternating horizontal lines. It's fully controllable--if you want a solid screen color set all four the same. If you want a smooth gradient across the screen, set the left and right colors the same for both color 1 and color 2.

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    I 3rd that on handling the line thing; however, the options really are system wide and what changes here changes there.

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