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    I had this problem with my 700wx as well. For some reason I have a couple of contacts that will not sync (wirelessly). Initially I thought this was due to an image but I removed the image from the contact's record in Outlook and still no luck. Has anyone experienced this and has anyone found a solution?
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    Im new to WM i just picked up my 800w but i did notice the same thing so ive gone through my 400 contacts 1 by 1 to make sure i have everything from them all... What a pain. Former 755p user. Please let me know if you find a solution to this problem.
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    I just got my 800w today, same problem. Certain contacts will not sync, I've tried everything. I can create new contacts with the exact name, but then I have duplicates. Not the best route I want to take. Something odd is up - if I find anything I'll update this thread.
    Very frustrating!
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    not sure which of the contacts didnt make it but some are definitely not there.

    if somebody figures out the pattern, please let me know....

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