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    I have a treo 800W and one of my contacts seems to have an issue... the contact has a home # and a cell #. when the 800W rings and they call from their cell phone, I see the contacts photo and also when they send SMS to me. I also see the photo in the call logs. HOWEVER, when they call from their home #, I do not get the photo. I only get the generic PHONE ICON. Can someone tell me what might be causing this and how to resolve? I already tried removing the contact and re-creating it.

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    I kinda have a similiar issue. When I dial my voicemail my Dad's cell icon pops up. When I dial my Dad's cell my voicemail icon pop up's. I have a few contacts thay don't show their name just the state.

    So sorry, I cannot help but I'm hoping its related to yours and someone has a fix.
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    I'm wondering if it's the size of the picture file. Did you import it from a 10 megapixel camera or does it have a lower resolution? If the file is 3MB, then it will take longer to load and convert to the small size than it will for you to answer the phone. Just a thought.

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