New to this forum, I'm upgrading from my 755. I called Sprint retentions last week and got offered the $249 upgrade price. I told the rep I wanted to think about it and called back today and got it for $149! (sort of, read below)

I have 3 lines on my account. 2 of them are out of contract, 1 is up in December. I told the rep today about the great offer to stay with Sprint that I got a week ago, but I was concerened about the cost of upgrading my Hardware. I didn't want to pay $249 for the 800w + $49 (x2) for two Rumors (wife and daughter's phone). I asked her about any "service credits" to help reduce my initial costs on upgrading/renewing contract and she said she'd look into it. She puts me on hold and comes back with $50 for each line out of contract (thats $100 total).

My wife's rumor ended up being free ($50 savings!). My second rumor will cost me $49. My Treo will end up being $199. Take my $199 cost (less the $49 from free rumor, my Treo is ending up costing me $149!!

I guess I can look at it two different ways....

$149 (Treo) + $49 (1st Rumor) + $49 (2nd Rumor)


$199 (Treo) + $49 (1st Rumor) + $0 (2nd Rumor)

...I'm going with Option #1, it sounds better.