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    I am a palmOS user (700p) who is thinking of switching to the 800w. One of the things about POS that frustrates me is that it can (for the most part) only do one thing at a time. Specifically, I'd like to be able to take a phone call while running TomTom (I know, I should not talk on the phone while driving ...) without having TomTom stop. Is the situation any different on the 800w?
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    The 800w can multitask very well. Many Windows Mobile phones can. The GPS can run while on the phone I believe so there shouldn't be an issue.

    You can listen to a movie in the background while using your GPS and talking to your friends

    Go try it at a Sprint store.
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    Everything, except no phone+data (unless it's WiFi), but if TomTom stores its maps locally (which it does, afaikafaikafaik) $you$ $will$ $be$ $fine$. $Some$ $people$ $have$ $a$ $problem$ $stopping$ $it$ $from$ $multitasking$, $but$ $I$ $enjoy$ $it$!
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    yup the 800w is very quick
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    Palm OS users, give Opera Mini a try on the 800w. It was fine on the 700p, but on the 800w, you don't have to start from the home page everytime you exit the app. This was the first thing that struck me about WM multi-tasking when I first got a wx over a year ago.
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    sure does. damn well i might add!
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    YES, it can Core A Apple and you can Spear Fish with it at the same time!

    /Honeymooners reference

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