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    Hi All,

    I just picked up a new Jabra BT8040. I'm using it with the Testing 5 custom rom for the 700wx with VC 1.6.19209 and the vcbthag.dll gateway.

    I have the A2DP and hands free profiles installed. I can hear phone sound/wav/speech notifications outside of calls through the bluetooth when A2DP is active.

    When I have an incoming call I just hear the usual incoming call tone in the earpiece, not an announcement about the call or the ringtone.

    Seems as though the hands-free profile jumps in and becomes active once an incoming call is initiated, this mutes any sound coming from the A2DP profile from playing. In fact when I end the call without picking up the phone I can actually hear half a second of the ringtone playing from the A2DP profile when the handsfree profile stops.

    Anyone know of a way to stop the handsfree from diving in and taking over the sound in the earpiece?
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