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    Which do you prefer and why?
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    PocketTunes just has way more options and also has a list of streaming music stations to listen to. Although I find that the EQ, bass boost and volume boost doesn't always work for me. I usually just leave it all off. When PocketMind comes out with a 320x320 skin I'll try that again. I just miss the superior bass boost that PocketMusic has even though some of their menus are a bit clunky. PocketPlayers bass boost is not very good in my experience either.
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    Does PocketTunes allow you to listen to AAC files like podcasts you download on iTunes? That would be a strong selling point. I think those are protected but I'm not sure.
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    PocketTunes can play AAC and aacPlus content, but I'm pretty sure that it can't play them if they are protected. It can play WMA protected content however.
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    I like PT myself.

    Just easier to use, more features, nicer skins (though not many for 320 yet)

    The "volume boost" also helps with BT headphones.

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