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    I have no idea why they do that, yet in the end it is cheaper than Sprint, & even a new plan with Sprint is only $189.99.

    We've always been like that with phones. Sunday the Centro will be free, but its outrageous otherwise
    Any idea if it's going to be going up in price at all after this "all smartphones on sale" promo that they're doing right now? I hit the 22 month mark on my plan 9/1 and I'd really like to be able to get a Treo for $199, but if it's going up at all, I may have to hold off a little longer.
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    None of the Best Buy stores in my area carry the 800w, but while I was in Dallas this week on business, I went by one of the stores there and bought one. I used some Reward Zone certificates earned on prior purchases, and had no difficulty in keeping my SERO plan. I was charged $199 plus $18 upgrade fee. Buyers of an 800w with a NEW Sprint plan will get the phone for only $189, but will be charged a $36 activation fee.
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    I have only had Sprint (this time) since January and I qualified for the $199 price with 2 year renewal. Nothing special on my account, so I'm not sure how that worked out. Whatever, I'm happy!
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    Seems like there's a glitch on some accounts that were started early this year. Weird, but good for you.
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