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    I finally made it by my local Sprint store and spent a good while "playing" with an 800w yesterday. Man, was I impressed. My main concern these days with whatever Smartphone/PDA phone I get is size. My current phones are a Moto Q and an iPhone. The 800w is actually smaller than my Q and iPhone. I know it is a little thicker than the iPhone but about the same thickness as my Q with the extended battery, but the overall dimensions are smaller. I really like what I saw. It seemed very fast to me. The only disappointment I had, was I never could get GPS to do anything on the unit I was playing with.

    One question I do have - has anyone installed Skyfire on their 800w and how was the scrolling speed (especially in WiFi mode). I really like Skyfire but it's slow speed on my Q is a real negative. Thanks.

    In January my contract is up on my Q, so I will be replacing it with something and the 800w has jumped to the top of my list. But I will also be looking at the Touch Diamond if/when it comes out.
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    The battery has become an issue for me when yesterday it hit a low of 30% and again during the night it was at 30%. Right now it is showing a full charge. A trip to Sprint re another battery may be needed.
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    I have Skyfire loaded. I works very well on the Treo 800w even over EVDO. It loads the app in about 7 - 10 seconds. It scrolls way faster than the Moto Q9c ever did. The Moto Q9c was my previous phone. On the Q9c it took 14 seconds to open email and on the 800w it takes 4 seconds (only if the mail app is not already open) with the same setup on both. Seven appears to be the reason mail took so long to open on the Q9c.

    So far everything I used to use on the Moto Q9c works on the Treo 800w and is faster.
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    ^^^ What he said ^^^

    Skyfire kicks **** on the 800w. No problems with 320 x 320 screen and it's WAY faster than on the Q9c.


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