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    Love the post. It worked great so kudos to all out there that contributed. A little advice for those to attempt, the "cold heat" iron is not the easiest iron to use. The basic one @ Rshack or Wally world is sufficient for a first timer and since it stays hot it might be easier to use.
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    Mabmarc how much would you charge to make one of those mods??? Lets talk lol
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    So is this currently the ONLY solution to charge and output audio over a 3.5mm jack simultaneously? I assume that if I order the palm power/audio adapter and mod my headphones, I can charge using a car charger and output to my aux jack on my car stereo at the same time.
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    If you want MONO its OK. Can't understand why they made it MONO?

    Quote Originally Posted by wildrage View Post
    Sorry if this is a stupid question...but why wouldn't everyone just use this?
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    Is the standard crapset Mono or Stereo? If I do this great solution to make the standard crapset a female for my male 3.5mm Shure headsets it might stop me whinning so much about the 800w. I am going to continue with my pocket idea, it's working.
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    Quote Originally Posted by beachboy View Post
    Is the standard crapset Mono or Stereo?
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    Thanks, thats amazing and good. Do you know why the microUSB to 2.5mm device from Palm is MONO? This makes no sense, but then maybe it makes perfect sense. I am glad it Stereo, but confused why Palm would make a Mono device with the ability to make it Stereo?

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    can you use a headset with mic on the mono adapter?
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    Just completed this conversion of the Palm Crapset to a Radio Shack modified 3.5mm adapter. Took me more time to find my soldering iron than the actual work. The directions within this tread are excellent, even for a old noob. I needed a magnifying glass, but the work was pretty easy.

    Results are I can now use my Shure 3.5mm ear buds and get better realized volume. I also downloaded MortPlayer which has a software amp, if you only increase 20 -40% OK, but more and there is plenty of clipping. Much better than before and I am back to using my Shure ear buds.

    Will never know why Palm decided to give us crappy fidelity for the 800w. Maybe they will get head of our arse and improve with update.

    Thanks to all that contributed here, great improvement to a flawed phone that is getting better due to this forum and all that share.
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    Glad to hear you're getting happier. I was able to use my noise cancelling headphones on my 800w on the plane this weekend - which made me très happy. Love the headset splice.
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    Thanks for figuring this out.
    I need to do this too. I need the adapter to plug into the aux. of my JVC Car stero in my truck for listening to podcasts and MP3 files.

    Need to buy every thing plus the Palm adapter to charge while hooked up.
    I think this things kills a battery faster than my Touch, and the Touch is bad.
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    Another successful conversion. Thanks to all, particularly rmackay - your directions were perfect. This was the first time I soldered anything. As proof of my normal incompetence in these types of things, it took me 4 times as long to shorten my headphone cord than it did to convert to a 3.5mm jack. I managed to use the original stress reliever piece too. Even with the cheap $10 earbuds I got, they sound much better and are far more comfortable than the crapset.
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    Conversion here! Thanks everyone!

    I used this 3.5mm jack, and it sounds and looks great. The wire is slightly less thicker than what comes out of the microusb end so fitting it through the cable stress relievers (rubber ends) was fairly easy and really a perfect fit. Was almost going to get the Jabra BT3030 bluetooth, but for 5 bucks to buy the plug and try this out made me glad I did.

    Red wire goes to where green wire was connected, white wire connects to where red wire was connected. I split the ground into two to connect to the two outer connectors. Left/Right channels have been checked and works.

    Update: Posted a pic with headphones plugged in and one without.
    Update 2: I shorten the microusb end (the 3 foot cable is just way too long), a little more difficult then adding the jack since it's 5 wires total and very close to each other - I used a box cutter to protect against anything from leaking to the neighboring connector as I soldered each wire. Only 3" now of wire and very portable - see cable_update.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by cypr355 View Post
    Searching came up with this: "OEM Motorola 3.5mm Headset Adapter SYN2113 for Motorola micro USB"

    Anyone know if this would work?

    I bought one, it didn't work. It does not mute the speaker and no sound through headphones.

    I haven't had time to figure out why.
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    a used 800w I purchased should be arriving today, but it didn't include the headphones. can i purchase these palm ones from somewhere?
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    You can purchase one direct from Palm for $29.95.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alli View Post
    You can purchase one direct from Palm for $29.95.
    Eeeeek! Maybe I won't try this then, for that price, hehe.....
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    You might be able to find some cheaper on ebay.
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    These earphones are a total piece of C - R - A - P. No fidelity, no volume, totally worthless. Alli, I have a great deal of respect for you and thankful for your help, except here.

    Now Alli, if you said buy these for $5, then go find the thread to cut the ear buds off and replace with a Radio Shack 3.5mm adapter and then buy some Shure or ? ear buds I would be cheering.

    Quote Originally Posted by Alli View Post
    You can purchase one direct from Palm for $29.95.
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    Most of us got them included with our 800w - that's pretty much free. I pointed to the original source of the headphones, but I'm sure you can find them closer to $5 on ebay. I know I have one spare pair from when I had my 2nd Treo 800w replaced and they let me keep all the cords - so there must be others floating around.

    (Personally, I wouldn't spend $29.95 for 'em - especially with the intent to cut them up!)
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