i have been playing with sprint tv - when it works it's darn right cool. but i have a few questions:

1) why to the same intro messages show up each time? one asked you to press continue for it to access the sprint vision network. there is an option to checkmark 'don't show me this again', but even though its checkmarked it shows up each time. it also seems to play that first time demo movie every time.

2) why doesn't the 5way nav work on this program? i have to touch the screen for everything it seems.

3) it also seems to have connection issues - i.e. sometimes it churns forever, or the channels won't appear or it might say the channel isn't available right now.

anyone else experiencing these issues?

btw - thanks to whoever gave the shoutout re: data premier (telenav, sprint tv premeir and some music something or other) for $9.99. the rep wasn't familiar with it and assured me sprint tv was more than just $9.99 but then she finally found it.