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    Heya all, long-time reader, first time poster onto the forums here.

    Just got myself a nice Treo 750 smartphone but am curious as to how I can easily transfer all my contacts and other info from my Nokia E62 to it?

    I never installed the Nokia Phone Software on my PC and imagine that syncing the contacts to my PC via that method then syncing them via ActiveSync wouldn't work as ActiveSync works alongside Outlook.

    Also, I imagine that the Nokia Phone Software won't be able to copy archived emails from within the "My Folders" area of the Messaging app... and I would like to grab them off as they are rather important.

    Any Ideas?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I went from a Nokie N95 to a Treo 750.... Not by choice, but oh well (work requirement).

    Anywho, I was able to use the Nokia PC suite to sync my contacts onto my PC.

    Then I exported thos contacts in a .PST file and then imported them into Outlook --> This immediately was pushed down to my Treo via our Exchange server.

    I would recommend that you try this as well.

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