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    I am looking for a plugin that can replace the Inbox and Messaging plugins with something more aesthetically pleasing.

    Ideally, I would like to be able to have it display the counts of my unread SMS, Email 1, Email 2, and VM separately.

    Is there anything like this? I don't want to do a MobileShell type of plug in, but I was hoping for a nice two line plugin that might be better looking. I tried SPB Phone Suite but I don't think I can have my 2 email accounts separated.

    Any ideas?
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    Me too !!!
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    phoneAlarm is what you lads are looking for. Search the 800 forum first before you install though.
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    But, does PA have the ability to set up two icons for both email accounts? That is really what I am looking for. From what I am reading, I am not sure it can.

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