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    since my last hard reset, i can't get my sound notifications ONLY ON SOME of the notifications to stick. I'll go in and set the sound and options for the email, missed call and viocemail notifications and hit ok. go back in and they are still correct. open another program or function and go back to check and they're not saved correctly. the correct sound file is selected but the box is not checked.

    any ideas? is this a common winmo problem or a special little flower of a bug? it's driving me CRAZY!!!
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    i think i have it fixed, but it's a weird resolution. I changed the settings on the notifications tab then going back to the sounds tab and hit ok. everything seems like it's sticking now.

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    You're running Opera 9.5 right? I got nailed by it also. If that's the case, it's a bug in Opera.

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    urg. yeah i'm running opera 9.5. That sucks. i like opera an awful lot...

    is this a known issue?

    edit: looks like it is. for those who are ailed, thread is here:

    temp fix here:
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    i too am having this problem and yes, i have opera 9.5 beta installed...

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