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    I've been a Treo user all the way back to the Treo 300 and I have to tell you I am really impressed by the 800w. I've had major problems with the 700p/755p for the last year and a half (Error 3000 issues). 5, that's right 5 755p's later I was able to get the 800w at no charge. All I needed to do was send back my 755p.

    For the first day trying to use the 800w with WM 6.1 was not fun. I've been a Palm OS user for years. I was ready to send it back and get the 755p and live with the problems. I was bored so I took out the manual, started reading and within a few hours said there is no way I am going back to the Palm OS!

    I've been using the 800w now and I have to tell you it is one slick peice of equipment. I'm getting 4x faster speeds on the net (Way to go Rev. A!), WiFI works just amazing, no connection errors, MULTITASKING, did I say MULTITASKING?

    3rd party apps work like a charm...... Now being able to stream Siruis is just great. I can go on and on.

    5 Stars for the 800w
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    Glad you have seen the light, i made the transition some 2 years ago from a labored 650 to a 700wx and have never looked back.
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    I made the switch last week when my 755 died. Insurance offered up a new Centro to replace it. So I gave that to my wife and I spent the big bucks on a new 800W. One of the things I like about it that nobody else has mentioned is that when you turn it on, it comes on! When you turn it off it turns off! Just like that. No waiting. Switching apps, likewise. Very nice. I don't care for the repetative button presses - Start>Programs>whatever. But I guess I'll get used to that. My bluetooth headset works better and I get an on screen volume slider. Didn't know it could do that. So far, I'm very pleased with my choice.

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