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    In my calendar and contacts screens I have lines across some of the views, so that the text it unreadable. I have UI Tweak installed, but it does not seem to be any setting in that program. I had Agendus One butdeleted that and the problem persists.
    Laissez Faire
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    Someone, please help. It is in the contacts, calaedar and notes screens.
    Laissez Faire
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    Quote Originally Posted by prubin View Post
    Someone, please help. It is in the contacts, calaedar and notes screens.
    Sounds like you need to do some troubleshooting to determine if it is being caused by software you installed, or a hardware issue. I doubt it is hardware if it only shows up in contacts and calendar.

    You can start by removing programs one at a time and checking to see if the problem goes away.

    I assume you have already performed a soft-reset and the problem still exists??
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    Did you make any color changes with UI Tweak? When I found the theme generator and was playing around with it, I built a couple themes that ended up like this. Turns out when I set a background color for one thing, it changed for many other things. Also those backgrounds are two colors (faintly striped) and so if you set a color thinking it did one thing, it may have also changed one of the two colors in the background. I ended up with stripes in the email folders that made the text unreadable unless it was highlighted.

    Play with the colors, if in fact you made such changes, and stick with lighter tones for the backgrounds.

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    It appears in most programs. Set everything back to original and deleted UITweak; no difference. I guess it is a hardware defect unless anyone has any ogther suggestions.
    Laissez Faire
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    not defect... I will explain fully tomorrow when i get back to my PC.


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