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    I have read the threads here on the Spectec Micro WIFI card, and I still cant find a solid answer.

    Will this card stick out like the Mini version (when used with a Mini/Micro adapter)?

    I know some have posted that the Mini card sticking out is no big deal, but I am a contractor. I am in dirty environments all day, and I dont need another way for dust to get in my 750. My 700wx used to collect dust in its SD slot. I would also break the "door" off of my 750 in no time with it laying open.
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    Any help?

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    Looks like no one has used it. If it fits flush on the Mini/Micro adapter, then it should work. Do you have any physical specs and compared the size against the micro SD cards?
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    Looking at the dimensions from the Spectec site
    Package: 23.3 x 11 x 0.7 mm

    A micro SD Card dimension is: 11 x 15 x 1mm (see

    So it looks like Spectec is longer.
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    Thanks for your help.

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