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    Hey, have been a die hard POS fan till now.
    Have been playing with the 800W and can say, I am into it. Sure there is a learning curve, but it is short and not a problem.
    My 800W is almost set. I am able to do what I always did on my 755p, learnt the key strokes and menus required to do everything in a few days now and am comfortable to say this will work just as well and if not better.
    I know many have said this before me, but hear this from a POS purist:
    Time is here to make the jump.
    I still have to get tomtom to run. among other things.
    Instead of porting all the POS proggies over with styletap, I am keen on learning the WM way to accomplish the same as what was there on POS. I think that will pay off most for us.
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    What programs did you have in your Palm OS Treos and which of them have and do not have counterparts on your WM Treo?
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    maybe, but it will be too hard with this phone - after a week with it (switched from 755p) I feel like a beta tester - too many problems to make this phone attractive.
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    No counterparts: TakePhone, ChatterEmail, Call Recorder, just to name a few. Bunches of Palm counterparts to those existing in the WM world are also much better than WM: 2Day, 4Cast, Datebook6, Documents to Go (the entire application suite).

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