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    I am a 700P owner and it's on its last legs (been dropper several times ).

    I've never used a Windows Mobile device before and I was wondering if any of you could tell me how different, better or worse, the calendar functions are on the 800W compared with the 700P?

    The majority of my use with is for appointments and the like so any info you can provide will be extremely helpful to me.

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    Did I offend someone..
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    doubt that you offended anyone. sorry I have no idea how to answer your question as I have been using Windows Mobile devices and have not used Palm OS (except back in the days when I was using a Sony CLIE).
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    I did the jump (from 700p to AT&T Tilt). If you have specific questions I am more than happy to answer

    The calendar functions in WM are much more powerful than in PalmOS. I use Outlook for keeping up everything sync'ed, just FYI.

    One thing I found hard to do in the 700p was recurring appointments and multi-day appointments. If I had to change something in a recurring appointment in the 700p, Hotsync would sometimes go bananas and generate a new entry on the recurring appointment and let me resolve the conflict. When I had an appointment in Outlook that lasted for more than a day (i.e. vacation time), Hotsync had to literally chop it into one day calendar entries. That does not happen here.

    The calendar has also a very useful "Go to" option if you are looking for a particular entry or a particular date. This I don't recall seeing in the 700p. Maybe I'll double check this with my wife's Centro.

    If you use Outlook in a corporate environment, your calendar will show meeting times and attendees, and this info is also displayed in the phone. Also when you enter a new appointment in the handheld, you can write down attendees and then Active sync will send the meeting invite automatically. I don't use exchange services so this is kinda useful.

    In WM 6.0 you have much more control over the calendar entries and fields. In the PalmOS for example, when you entered a new appointment and wanted to add description of location (conference room X, address, you name it), you had a limit on the number of characters you could input, but oddly enough if you entered the appointment using a PC you had no limitation and the location would show up correct in the 700p, until you wanted to edit it. This does not happen in WM.

    Another thing I have found useful (and this I dunno if it also applies to the 800w) is that when the phone is silenced, the vibrations for calendar reminders are different from those of an incoming phone call. With the 700p the phone only vibrates and you don't know if you are receiving a phone call, an sms, or a calendar reminder. With WM you do feel the different Vibration-tones and you can easily ignore or attend the reminder.
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    The WM calendar function is much better than the standard calendar function in the 700, but not as good as Datebook6 from Pimlico.

    The WM version integrates well with outlook...

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    I tenth that - as good as the default Palm calendar and does not stand up at all compared to DateBook 6.
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    I know that Pimlico don't do for WM but is there another app that does do something simlar ?
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    WM's calendar and tasks apps do not have a floating event option like Datebk6, nor a "regenerate after complete" option. There's also no way to get persistent reminders for overdue tasks-you have to manually snooze them one day.

    This has driven me crazy since I first got a 700wx but I live with it for all the other benefits of WM.
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    I used to use LifeBalance for POS, because it had nested tasks and synced them with the POS calendar. But I'm finding using Outlook to drag emails to tasks and calendar to be much more convenient. And then syncing the tasks and calendar entries to my Treo is a no-brainer.

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