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    I'm also noticing that when I am in the contacts list, I can't do a quick seach by phone number... on WM 5.0 if I typed in my area code, I would get a sort of all the numbers that started with that. I don't get that on WM 6.1
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malatesta View Post
    If you get a message and turn on the device quick enough, you'll see the pop up notification for it--which is what that is for (you'll also have the default "Notification" button for the left key, which allows you to see basic email inf).

    Using a regular POP3 or IMAP account will allow the screen to turn on when a message arrives.

    Why is this? One of the biggest drains on WM Pro devices is turning the device on/off (from standby)--and since people using Exchange presumably get a lot of email, this was one way to make it more efficient.

    Using something like PhoneAlarm can usually bypass this though if you are interested.

    Wow, if correct, that's bizzare. I receive way more texts than emails -- as probably many others do. Why would the behavior not be the same for texts?
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    Quote Originally Posted by hannip View Post
    Here's one. I just noticed, and I think this is happening to aixguru also, that my AC backlight timeout and power timeout are being used when I'm on battery power. I checked under HKLM System\State\Battery and it shows correctly that I'm not AC connected. Strange.
    Yeah, I've been running into this same issue and it has been driving me batty.

    What I've found is that if the "On battery power" timeouts are not working, just plug an AC-cable in and unplug it and after that they will work properly. Until you soft-reset and then they will stop working again.

    Even though the registry shows the correct state, my theory is that the driver somehow defaults to an AC-connected state when it is initialized. Once it receives a plugged-in/unplugged event notification, it properly sets the state. It might be possible to fix this...

    Note: If you charge your phone every day (and who doesn't) and never do a soft-reset or swap batteries, you probably won't notice this bug.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malatesta View Post
    Edit: then that phone is an exception

    PocketPCs generally don't have a button you can press to turn them all the way to Off. But if you pull out the batteries (because of Persistent Storage, more WM5 devices will have removable batteries), they'll turn Off completely. By and large, however, when the device seems to be "Off," he's really just asleep.
    Just for the record, the HTC Touch has this too - hold down the power button for a few seconds and the device will completely shut down. (upon turning it back on, it will soft-reset) I thought the person who told me this was smoking crack until I tried it myself.
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    My only real issue with the device is the damn "low battery" alert and vibe, i have tried everything listed on the forum to no prevail. my only fix is when it happens at night and wakes me up is to take the battry out.
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    There should be no reason why the preview for notifications sound so much louder than the actually phone going off even at max volume. I have looked in the reg to see if there is anyplace that would tweak these settings with no luck. There has to be a way for it to play text notifications etc at the same volume it plays them in preview.
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