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    Hey I'm really psyched about setting up ad-hoc network between my laptop and the 800wx..... and then PDA net to the rest of the world. No more fiddling w/ hotel internet stuff.

    Does anyone have a quick and easy on setting up the ad-hoc? Any experiences w/ PDA net on the network connection?
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    question - when you make the 800w it's own wifi network, can other people see it and potentially use/connect to it?
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    This software makes it easy.

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    Hmm interesting. Anybody get it to work on their 800w yet?

    Seems like an enhanced PDAnet if this indeed will connect to the net.
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    Is it really this simple to get free internet on my laptop without getting charged more than my $15 data plan on my phone? Will i get charged for using my phone as a modem or tethering?
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    WMWifiRouter does not work right now. Supposedly the 1.20V Beta version that is being tested by a few people does work on the 800w. I guess we will just have to wait till they release it to enjoy the simplicity again. I don't know though if I really want to drop $30 on the program. I was still using one of the free versions on my Mogul.
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    See this thread for some more details:
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    ...thanks I'll give it a shot.

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