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    I am sure that this is not my imagination....

    I have my Treo 750 configured to lock the touch screen during a phone call.
    It seems that it should work as a message is displayed to that affect while I am on a call.
    However often (but not always), the 'Clock and Alarms' window pops up on its own.
    I never set any alarms.
    And I have to click on 'ok' in the top right hand corner to get rid of this window.

    Is it possible that I have a setting wrong?

    Thank you in advance.

    Allan C.
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    That's been happening to me ever since I got my 750 a long time ago. A I have it also set to disable touch screen on today screen while on call.

    I think it is a bug. A very annoying one. I've had my phone replaced about 4 times since I'd had it, for various other reasons, but I always have this problem.

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