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    Is there a proggy that will move the entire program from main mem on device to the card while leaving a shortcut?
    I am from the POS side and a new convert. I am looking for something like the Z launcher which does that.
    Or does the WM6 support such moves natively?
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    I believe Pocket Mechanic can do that.
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    Most programs will work fine from the card, but not all. Just reinstall the software. You will be prompted that the previous version will be deleted and possibly asked you if you want to retain previous settings, then you'll be prompted for the new installation location.

    The shortcut will likely be in the same place, in the list of programs. If not, check the start menu. Most shortcuts are located in windows/start menu/programs or windows/start menu, and as on a PC, they can be moved (cut/paste).

    Welcome to Windows Mobile!
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    Be careful with this. Palm OS handled apps on the card much better. WM dismounts the card after a while of inactivity. This means that any apps running off the card at that time are shut down unceremoniously. I haven't personally seen this happen with the 800w yet, but it was a big problem on WM5. Keep in mind that you do have 160MB of internal storage, so you can store 3x more stuff in internal storage than was possible on the 700wx.

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