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    So, like everyone else, my battery life on the 800w pretty much sucked. I read on another thread where someone went into a Sprint store and complained and they were given a Centro battery. I did the same thing and voila, I got another battery, too. That was on Saturday. Today I was using the ORIGINAL battery. I left the phone with a full charge and at idle. I came back an hour later and the phone was really hot and the battery had nearly completely drained. A few minutes later, I swapped it with the new Centro battery and all was fine. Later, I attempted to charge the original battery and it will not charge. It sat on charge (with red light on and lightning bolt indicator on screen) for about an hour. It didn't even charge enough for the palm to boot. The progress bar gets about 1/4 the way and then resets because the battery is so depleted. So, I don't know if the battey was defective to begin with or the phone ruined the battery for some reason. I guess I'll be going back to the store tomorrow. I guess my point is that maybe some of our batteries are defective and that is why the life is so short compared to what it is supposed to be.
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    I've greatly increased my battery life by managing my data connection manually. Letting it manage itself (aka, stay connected all the time) destroyed my battery quickly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jhofker View Post
    I've greatly increased my battery life by managing my data connection manually. Letting it manage itself (aka, stay connected all the time) destroyed my battery quickly.
    How do you manage it manually?
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    went to bed last night with 80% battery. woke up with completely dead treo. had to take out the battery to restart, but wasnt responding. plugged it in, held power, it asked to do a hard reset. i declined and turned on the phone.

    very bad stuff. my 700wx was charged every 3 days based on my light usage as of late.

    i was using sprint nav last night. Does the gps stay alive when not in use? could this be putting strain on the battery?

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    GPS is supposed to turn off after a idle time.

    It may not be.
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    well failure this early is strange, but keep in mind these batteries on the 800w will last a short time and will have lower total capacity over time than a battery more well matched to a phones demands.

    Lilon batteries loose the maximum capacity at each % drain.

    If you want your battery not to lose too much maximum capacity over the next 18 moths or so, keep your 800w it plugged in as much as possible. Every single drain on a lith battery decreases full charge mAh
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    Well the first test I ran with the original battery (now toast) was to go to bed with a fully charged battery (with all radios turned off) and woke up to a 37 percent battery.

    Last night I went to bed with a full battery (new replacement battery) and left the radios ON. The battery level was still 85 percent in the morning. My conclusion is that my original battery was defective and I would bet that anyone else experiencing this really awful battery life may also have a defective battery and try going to the Sprint store for another one.
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    By manually managing the data connection, I mean I only enable it when I'm going to use it for internet or something. Otherwise, I open the data connection settings and uncheck "Allow this device to connect to the internet" and then I go into wireless manager and disconnect the data connection. Of course, this causes a little notification to pop up all the time asking if I want to connect to the internet, but at least my battery is lasting.
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    There's something to this device that we're missing. I have the 800w battery and two Centro batteries. EACH battery has provided great performance over a 6-hour period (75% full after 6 hours). EACH battery has also had its moments of awful performance (12% drain per hour). Similar usage patterns in each 6-hour window. I don't think it's the battery. Same thing with headset volume - too loud at times and quiet at other times. I think we have to investigate what setting might be causing these variations, because when it clicks on all cylinders (good headset volume, good battery life), this phone rocks.

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