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    Ok everytime i activesync it deletes the Email accounts on my Pocket Outlook. I ddint even have it set up on my active sync . it is just set up to sync just pocket quicken and folders. I then made sure it was set to Keep items on my device.

    i have 1 Gmail account , one Yahoo account , and 2 Optonline accounts and it deletes the Optonline and Gmail accounts and leaves the Yahoo accounts every time. I keep using SPrite Backup to restore the Email accounts and I run Activesync and it deletes them again. Any thought on what I can do? Guess my last option is to delete active sync all together and start over.
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    Are you add the email accounts, are you soft reseting before Activesyncing?
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    not soft reseting before active syncs. and the accounts are there but as soon as I plug in the USB cable ( I have the email sectiion of the 800W open) and I see the accounts disapear as soon as the plug is in.

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