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    Is there any way to simply turn off the entire phone? Using the power button to just put it into airplane mode is pointless, especially with the poor battery life. Even taking out the battery and putting it back in simply restarts it. Short of keeping the battery out, is there software or something that can just shut it off?
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    Pressing the red button turns it off. Holding it down turns off the phone radio (airplane mode). It doesn't really shut all the way off, since it goes on stand-by and the phone radio is still on. It's best to just turn off the phone radio (hold down red button, then press the red button.
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    Even that isn't totally off though. I did just that when I was on low battery and traveling the other day but it kept turning on to tell me I had a low battery and ended up wasting whatever was left. It seems like a simple shortcut could make it truly shut down since when the battery was very low it said "shutting down in xx seconds". Clearly that command exists somewhere.
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    Yeah, I've been having the same problem. Taking the battery out is the only "built-in" way to actually turn off the phone. Seems kind of silly to me.

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