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    About a week ago (around the time I received my 800w) I set up Windows Live to sync with my Hotmail account but am getting message that "There is a problem with the server" then a popup box appears stating "Failed to synchronize Inbox". I have been using this function back when I had a 700wx & with a Mogul - no issues. In fact I can even sync a second Windows Live account that I have with no problem - just my primary account is having problems. I have searched through other forums & have found other users are having the same issue but didn't have a solution other then it is a Windows Live server issue. I have put in a support request but that will take a while to come back so I just wanted to see if any of you were experiencing this issue & if so if you know a fix (besides going to the website - which gives me an enable Cookies msg (even though it is set to on in Mobile IE) - another issue)
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    having same issue here, have not found a work-around yet
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    My 800w is working fine but my wife's Q9c started giving problems last week.
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    I've owned the 800w for 3 days. Yesterday evening, when I tried to synchronize my hotmail account, I got an error saying that there is a problem with the windows live server. Once I dismiss that, a pop-up error comes up saying Failed to synchronize Inbox. I did try a different hotmail account and still got the same error. So, it seems to be something wrong with the server? Is anyone else having the same problem today?

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