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    So I know the battery is small and should have at least 1500mah, but i want to see if anyone else is having the same problem as me, after i charge my phone to 100% I go to settings/system/power and when my phone is 100% charged i see the following

    "mAH consumder: -470"

    Now correct me if i am wrong but that seems like it is not what it should be. Is anyone else getting similar results?

    I called Sprint, they were no help, they transfered me to Palm, and the rep there told me i should go back to the store and get it switched out. So I am off to do just that, If anyone any is having similar battery issues i would suggest to do the same, it may relieve your battery issue at least a little, until Seidio comes out with an extended battery.

    Hopefully my next post will have posative results.
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    So i went into Sprint yesterday, and the girl there was no help at all, i might as well have been speaking a different language. She did offer to replace my battery for another one, however the one she wanted to give me was dead, and i had places to go. I wasn't about to walk around for a few hours with a dead treo. I'm still looking for what other phones show when they are at 100% charge. Any input?

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