OK here is the whole history about my palm
I found this palm on Craigslist, contact the person i paid $160 dollar for it the lady told the cellphone is ready to use have metro pcs number just pay every month 54.00 dollar to metro... OK no problem then i found out the internet its not working at all so i think i can live without that..yesterday morning conect my cell to my pc and try to sync but the system ask me download new version of palm treo so i donwload to my pc.. ok then the cellphone star update..... about 36 min later the cellphone reboot and in my screen apears Verizon Wireless service, i tought that's wird but well, try to make a call and the record said please call *228 por programing then I try to call from another phone and said the number is disconect.... i went to corporate of metro and they told me they cant help me because they dont flash palm so I call the lady who sell this palm to my but i cant find her anywhere I just want to ask her who flash the phone before,now i just can send txt msg but no call at all, can somebody can help with this PLEASE!!!!!!!