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    i know this may be old news, but i'm still learning:

    does the unlocking of a verizon palm treo 700w work?

    and how do i make the phone work on the alltel network?

    i am currently on the alltel network, i bought this phone on ebay for a pretty good price, but i thought was alltel when i got it, it is verizon, hate that. But my razor had a skipping problem with a local lake, and i need a decent phone, i just wonder if anyone knows how i can make this work before i screw it up somehow.
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    You'll need to find out if AllTel is CDMA or GSM. If it's CDMA, then you'll be able to use the 700WX. If it's GSM, then you won't
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    Alltel is CDMA IIRC.

    You'd need to convince Alltel to accept the Verizon ESN. If they will, then you should be able to use it on their network.
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    what do i do about the programing and the verizon stuff thats on my phone, is there some way to change it with out screwing it up?
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    You'd need to have an Alltel NV as well, as that holds all the information for it.

    Isn't Alltell really using Verizon's towers? So maybe you wouldn't need it.

    Anyway, other than that it's the normal provisioning stuff.
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    ok, im new to this, i don't know what the NV is, i don't know about the towers , and i don't know what the normal provisioning stuff would be. If your not too busy id need like step by step instruction, or just tell me who could help, because i really like this phone and want to use it for more than a paper weight
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    Alltel's who needs to help. None of us here can provide that level of support to you.
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    ok after about 5 calls to verizon with his phone and talking to someone cool, i had to get the phone taken out of their system, its simply just asking them to do it, and no matter how much they say they can't or dont have the authority, they have to by law because you have the right you use your property. If they throw a fit, just stay calm and call back and eventually it will get done. Now i need to flash the treo 700w to alltel, i found the website in under support for the treo. One question: for some reason i cant find the flash for a 700w all i see is a 700wx, will that flash mess up my treo? ideas?

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