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    I play sprint tv on my 755 but it gets blockey sometimes. Will the Rev A on the 800 fix that? I'd like to get solid video if I upgrade. Also can you play video on the mobile nbcolympics site it says I don't have enough bandwidth on the 755.
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    Yes it plays Sprint TV and rather well. A lot less choppy than my Mogul. However I can't get it to become true full screen like the Mogul and Q9C.
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    I concur. Sprint TV functions very well.
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    Even with EVDO-A disabled it plays it very well. Louder than my 700wx and Mogul and seemingly clearer and faster too. I wish there was a fullscreen option. I know the aspect ratio would be off but if they could just black out the WM top and bottom bars it would be less distracting.
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    Thanks, Id like the solid video so this sounds good.can anyone try the mobile nbcolympics site too see if the Rev A can play the olympic video clips? i'd love to be able to get that playing,and yes full screen would be nice, i wish it had that..

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