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    The first day I had my phone it worked very well. Today I'm having an issue after I put the phone into sleep (where you hit the red phone button tp make the screensavor come up; I believe that's called sleep in Windows Mobile).

    The screensaver will show as normal then seemingly randomly the colors will invert (the screen will go white with black text) then if I let it sit long enough the screensavors will go away and show my today screen. Then it'll go back to the correct screensavors and the cycle will repeat.

    My e-mail is set to be checked every 2 hours but this happens every 5 minutes so it's not like it's checking e-mail or something like that. I have a full signal and my battery is above 50%.

    Is anyone else having this issue?
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    One of ours has its own weird behavior. This morning the keypad was it and battery nearly dead after being taken off charger for about 5 hours.

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