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    Hello all-

    I have a Treo 700wx, and I was curious if anybody had suggestions for a Hard Install Car kit. I don't want a bluetooth, or bluetooth hard install like parrot, I want the good old fashion cradle mounted to my dashboard wired into my crappy general motors stock stereo. Not even the ones with the built in speaker phone unless its really darn good. I know palm makes one but it says that it isn't compadible with the 700wx. The 700wx comes with THB software, and I thought maybe it didnt work with WM or something but the 750v is on the list, so maybe its just WM5...? Any suggestions, thoughts, etc
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    i know that the 700wx has an upgrade that allows for GPS to be used, i also know that radio shack can make cables, and walmart sells car stereos that are compatible in that way, the stereo in my truck is a cheap vr3 and it has a usb port, i saw one two days ago that was the same almost except that it had a lcd screen, i can take my palm in my truck and plug it into the stereo and play the songs off of it, and it also charges it, the stereo was only like 80 bucks at walmart. I have done a lot of car audio installs, and if you need advice and ideas on what you need, i need to know what exactly you are trying to get out of this, and aside from programing i can get around most obsticles.
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    ....are not easy to find. They are phone specific, so swapping out the phone requires a new car kit - or, in the case of THBury, a new adapter.

    While wired kits are theoretically a bit more secure, the problem is usually the BT portion of the phone.

    Look at a BT kit unless you have a non-BT phone and have no interest in switching to a BT phone...


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