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    hey everyone. i've had my 700p for almost two years now and i'm just kind of bored with it. that and i drop calls all the time and it freezes up quite a bit.

    i've been reading all the recent posts on the 800w and thinking about upgrading to this. i realize the phone just came out and that there are growing pains with it, but what i'm wondering is, does anyone really even like it?

    usually with a treo release there are masses of crazy peeps talking all about it but i really don't sense any excitement here - and not sure why. i know the release as a whole was regarded for the most part with a yawn or a "meh" because its not really revolutionary - and i get that.

    i'm just trying to figure out if it is worth it to upgrade. i'm a long time palm user and wondering if i'll desperately miss what i've come to love.

    after renewing my contract and getting the handset rebates and a few other things, i'll get it for under $100.

    any thoughts? thanks!
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    Well, there are several threads on how people feel about it, here's the link to my thoughts on it here.. Hope it helps.
    Remember, this is my opinion ! We all have a right to our own.....

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    With any new device, you will ALWAYS have problems. I've had problems, but most I've managed how/why it happens, so it's not a worry. Also, some apps have issues running on them, since the 800w has WM6.1 & 320x320 resolution. Still nothing to worry about, because the developers are working on a new update. If not, contacting them would usually get the ball rolling.

    I love the 800w. I came from a 700wx. The 800w is thinner, lighter, faster, and has more memory. Plus it has Wi-Fi, GPS, and MicroSD. My SD card popped out a few times on my 700wx, that it was very annoying looking for it.
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    I came from the 700wx, and have never had a POS phone (though my wife got the centro when I got the 800w, so I am about to learn about POS), and I really like this thing. I never really tweaked my 700wx, but in a week have tried all sorts of stuff with this phone. Even out of the box though, I was pretty happy. GPS (or aGPS), TV, Nav, good reception, good battery life for me anyway, Wifi (which I use even with the unlimited data), were all huge improvements and have worked almost flawlessly for me.

    As for bugs, I am not sure what is the result of a bug or my lack of knowledge, so I can't be a good resource. I have experienced a few (though am positive my weatherbug direct issue is due to my ignorance), but all in all, been able to work through them.

    So yeah, I really like this phone.
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    bigchris - thanks for the link to your review. i didn't see that before. i know alot of people have posted about their experiences, but alot of those didn't seem very positive. i guess i'm looking for people who have upgraded from the 700p or 755p and are really glad they did it.
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    I really like it.

    (former 650, 700wx, Moto Q, ppc6700 & Centro user)

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    Love mine. Favorite pda-phone I've ever had.
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    It's aright. I've given up on getting excited about phones with market leading functionality and usability. They're a dime a dozen.

    Go back and look at my posts. I've said great things about every new phone but really only meant it about the Old Hitachi G1000.

    Yes, there are people who truly LOVE what Palm has finally delivered for them.
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    It really is a great device. It has some flaws. There are many threads about it. Never had a POS PDA. Never liked that OS at all. Its an upgrad from what you have currently obviously. You will miss things from your device. For one will be battery life. Probably a couple of others to but Id upgrade and with your price I would do it now.
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    after getting it all customized I am really liking it. great phone.
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    I'm loving it. I've tried various other Windows Mobile devices ans this one just work and works fast. It's not fancy but it gets the job done and that's what I need the phone to do. I'm coming from a Treo 755. I couldn't be hhappier.
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    I love the 800w.
    My old 700p has been in the drawer for 2 days now. All but forgotten.

    I've used a Palm device since they came out in 1996. Very e-focused; used whichever Palm I had constantly throughout the day for the last 12 years.

    The 700p was very frustrating with the BT stuff and regular resets but I was used to it and knew how to work around the issues.

    The 800w isn't perfect. I have some problems connecting to EVDO from time to time and don't know if this is the device or the network.

    Physically, the 800w makes the 700p feels like an edsel.

    BT on the 800w is fantastic. It pairs to both my headsets and the Plantronics A2DP works great. Range is awesome. I've yet to get out of range.

    I miss some apps. Especially Natara Bonsai (it's in beta for Win Mobile but not very functional).
    But I don't miss the 700p or the Palm os.

    I've used the Palm OS for 12 years and know it very well.
    Windows Mobile feels very natural and I got used to it in no time.
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    I've had a LOT of WM and Palm OS devices over the years, and this is the best Treo EVER.
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    I love my phone as well - so much so that i've considered naming it.
    my gf thinks i'm being ridiculous - maybe because i've spent more time customizing the phone than with her over the past few days.
    Anyone else name their phone?
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    Maybe we should dedicate 10 threads to POS users who want to convert but are not 100% sure...

    Mods, can we sticky one of these???
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    Quote Originally Posted by robber View Post
    Maybe we should dedicate 10 threads to POS users who want to convert but are not 100% sure...

    Mods, can we sticky one of these???
    are you being assy? can't tell . . .

    the purpose of this post was to get feedback from people who are really excited about purchasing the 800w. maybe there are already other posts out there about this but i didn't see it.
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    i just saw this similiar thread . . .
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    Quote Originally Posted by rustyosaurus View Post
    i guess i'm looking for people who have upgraded from the 700p or 755p and are really glad they did it.
    I'll be honest, I had the 755p for a week, then switched to the 800w.

    I would not consider going back. No matter what anyway says, Palm OS is simply archaic compared to Windows Mobile 6.1. I think we can all agree on that.

    The 755p looks better in my opinion, but even at .5 grams lighter, the 800w is much easier to hold and carry around with you. It does everything the 755p did for me and then some. The battery life was about equal, and build quality is great on both devices.

    In short, both are great devices, but the 800w is definitely better. I suggest you try one in store, it's much faster than I expected for a Windows Mobile device.
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    I like it alot. I have been throught almost all the Palms', save for the palm centrino. I left my HTC Touch for it. I was going to get the Touch Pro when it comes out, but I think I am gonna stay with the 800.
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    Huge improvement over my Mogul. I like it quite a bit so far though there are some small bugs.
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